You live in your prison…with your butterfly soul

You live in your prison with your butterfly soul
I pray for your rock-a-bye body that suffer so
and your sweet sweet soul
Maybe your will find your way
I pray
I never let go of your butterfly soul
Find your way back to you

10 thoughts on “You live in your prison…with your butterfly soul

    1. Well she’s not been doing well. It seems like she gets a few good weeks and then she’s back to sleeping because she’s sick. Flu season is always a rough time for her. I’m always thankful for Spring and Summer so she feels better. ❤

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      1. Does she get the flu shot? There are several different thoughts on that, mine being to avoid it at all costs. It works too well for me — I get the flu every time I take the shot. Some people don’t, so it’s all a matter of knowing if you are allergic to it or not.
        This weather affects me also, I think it’s called SADD, where the lack of sunlight makes me very depressed at times, and there are ways to combat that. I don’t have the special lights here but turn on every light in the room including several LED desk lamps that are scattered around me. That is as much for being able to see what I’m doing as for the therapy, since I’m going blind in my right eye now.
        Sometimes sleep is the best thing for us all. I can tell you it sure beats the insomnia that is the alternative.
        You are both in my prayers, and if there is any way I can help either of you, I’m only a phone call away. Feel free to share my number with Alex if it will help. <3<3<3


      2. Thank you Angel friend. Alex didn’t take the flu shot this year but she still caught something. This time of year is rough because she always seems to catch everything it’s exhausting for her I know she’s tired of being sick. I agree with you sleep is the best medicine. I couldn’t sleep so I’m answering comments. We will have to catch up soon. Much love to you sweet Angel friend 💜🦋xo

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      3. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you Pink Angel Friend. I’m truing to finish up my last Christmas projects, but almost ready to just consider myself ahead for next Christmas. The biggest problem we all face is the lack of an immune system, so the slight cold someone else has really hits us hard. And we don’t always know who has the flu around us in any given situation. I personally hate having to remain shut up in my apartment for the duration, so naturally I get out in public and have to pay the piper when I get home and spend the next several weeks getting over what the other people have and think nothing of spreading around. ❤


      4. it’s okay whenever you get back with you that is perfect! I know what you mean…I’m a little busy being busy at being busy…hope that made sense! Wear you mask if you go out in public. Alex is still sick. Now a UTI and sinus infection. Flu season and winter blues sure get us if we let them! ❤ Sending love to you xoxo ❤


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