Enjoying the chilly dawn w/ Angel

That black ball is her. 

Angel loves to look for bunnies. I love to watch her the funny part is the bunnies are on the side of my house in the garden. She smells for them and misses them completely. They run away and the chase is on! She makes my laugh! 😄😄

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the chilly dawn w/ Angel

    1. She never finds them. They run from her and she’s trained not to chase them but she tries to then I say stop and she does. Sometimes the bunnies and she just stare at each other. I have so many wild bunnies in my yard and neighborhood I had to train her not to chase them but still she likes to smell for them. It’s like a game I think to her maybe by now she’s so old it’s hard to know! 😀

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