105 in people years

15 x 7 = 105 years old, my Angel dog. She used to run, now we sounder. She still gets so excited when we wander in the tall grass, she smells for bunnies just like she did when she was young. Now we watch them when she sees them. She’s fell once and hurt her knee and be both recovered together from our broken parts. 😊 Such a sweetness when I think about how her sweet feet have wandered. She makes me smile.

19 thoughts on “105 in people years

  1. You can feel the sweet demeanor on the photo.
    And we enjoyed two aging dogs and it really is an experience – and our black lab once could not finish a walk – it was two years before he passed –
    But it was also I knew the end was coming – he plopped down on someone’s lawn and I got teary eyed – cow out other dog had passed that spring and I was not sure /
    But he was just tired and it was only 8 a.m. – but the the summer warmth was there – was thinking we needed to get picked up by after ten minutes – lab got up and we had the slow walk home – after that / very short walks or just yard time

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    1. Thank you so much. I can imagine having to carry him home would have been interesting. I had to do that so we stopped walks after that. It’s surely a sweet time. She’s lost some hearing so I have to tap on her to get her attention. She someone spins around and is excited to see me 😃😃 thank you for your comment I love that you are a dog lover too. 💕

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      1. Yeah – dog lover and I actually thank you for your post because it was a year ago this month our last of four passed – we were actually ready because of the declining health but it is still a loss and grief to process – and so your post was right on time for me!
        And you know the quote ?
        The only flaw
        With dogs is their lives are too short

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    1. Oh gosh I love them so much when they get older they truly go with your flow. My dog waits me to go to bed and then goes to sleep lol dogs live longer my vet said if you don’t over exercise them. I over did it when she was younger so now we are enjoying the slow life 😂🙋🏼‍♀️💜

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