Turquoise Rose

Her name was Turquoise Rose I watched as she danced to Spanish Eyes her eyes so blue they could melt paint… I know because they melted my heart and turned it upside down I’ve never been the same I never want to,” He said. 

I’ll leave the light on for you

In the deepest deep of my heart I will let go but..please know I really tried to roll that stone away for you but you held on as if for dear life, you wouldn’t let go so… so I did…not completely I’ll leave the light on for you…should you need me follow the light home

Crazy Sue and Gypsy Daisy

Crazy Sue & Gypsy Daisy became good friends and sometimes maybe they sit & talk about nothing at all Said Crazy Sue to Gypsy Daisy, “Did you know there’s a Gypsy song?” Gypsy Daisy laughed and said “Ya, but why don’t you play it for me.” Crazy Sue closed her eyes tears did flow she sang of wrongs stars & even so they all tried to love her she would fight not once did she give a second thought to fools that didn’t hold her heart tight even so she cried… so… Read More

Happy Friday-Happy Day-Forget-Me-Not

Happy Friday Sweet Friends to You Oh Happy Day to You…Do you feel it? Deep inside your soul? I feel sometimes I’m so Happy and it’s nothing that happened to make me so…I’m just happy all by myself…Forget-Me-Not Sweet Soul I felt you might need some sweetness today ~ღ~

Yesterday when I was young…Patricia Kaas

  This is one of my Pa’s favorite songs originally sung by Roy Clark, new rendition by Patricia Kaas. I remember as a young girl watching my Pa listen to this song sitting on the back porch, he with sunglasses on. My Pa knew somehow I would feel like he felt like I feel today I remember chasing his words to find some semblance of him. I don’t feel like time and youth had run out but I feel wisdom of age has taught me to not be stupid and even if… Read More


I like it when you SMILE~smile with Me When you LAUGH~laugh with Me Really there’s nothing else I’d rather do then SMILE~HAPPY DAY~Smile~with You


I dwell in the splendor of this knowing This is my life…the life I know Sometimes it’s hard to speak It’s so beautiful and sometimes painful Nevertheless in the surrender It becomes a light to guide me

You Gave It Away

You Gave It Away Life has taken it’s toll with your rock-a-bye body and butterfly soul Oh…don’t you grow old Sail it away Find your way Find your way Push out in the ocean Bail with a spoon Keep your eye on the moon Find your way back With your fist full of wishes Arms full of dreams Don’t give them away Sail them back to me

And so…tell me something little wildflower

And So….Tell me something little wildflower I have lived like a garden rose It is the only life I know I felt the touch of tending hands I made my peace of which I stand but… I long to see her dancing right in front of me. I watched her last night swaying softly and I heard the gentle breeze… whisper something like little wildflower…. hum hum hummmmmmhummmm