You are ever gentle on my mind

I know you’re waiting

on the back roads

by the rivers

of my memories

ever smiling

ever gentle

on my mind

Paradise found among the flowers

Loved~paradise found among the flowers
it’s my hope, pray and wish that you
also feel loved, richly Loved~

Tamborine Terri Jo


There wasn’t much I wouldn’t put past
My blue eyed friend she moved so fast
Before I knew it the room was dancing
So was Tamborine Terri Jo, laughing
Hooting, and whistling between her teeth
I never did know was she trying to sing
Or just having fun like good friends do
Laughing and dancing, a table or two
Time whipped by, but my memories not aged
I smile as I think of my funny funny friend
Tamborine Terri J, yes Jo at the end
Blue eyed Tamborine
please dance once again
and I’m smiling now real big
at the thought of you dancing
your Tamborine dance