Evidence of Autumn

My favorite time of year! 🍁 I love the reds! ❤️🧡

Sometimes when it rains and fall-ish weather falls

Sometimes when it rains and Fall-ish weather falls I see a glimpse of Winter I welcome it all and Sometimes when it rains I fall art by MichelleMarie

Some may say I’m nuts…

Some may say I’m nuts about nuts but. . . I’m Gathering my winter stash art by MichelleMarie

Golden tresses 

Golden tresses caress my eyes and I wonder…How could it be fall  It was only April yesterday!  I missed the season of summer love  Golden tresses caress my eyes  As I wave goodbye 💛 So long and long my friend!

I think maybe this is…why we call it fall

I think maybe this is…why we call it fall! I’m really not certain why we do, I’m just happy it’s almost here. I can feel it. This photo I took last year when I was not injured…so maybe this year I’ll get a chance to collect new ones! I’m hoping so! ❤