Tiniest bouquet

The tiniest little wildflower is important in every single way some never give them another thought-Michelle

I’ve been working life like a railroad

I keep thinking I might be done
Giving one more time, one more try
I’ve been working life like a railroad
thinking we would make it
through the tunnel
Always believing and seeing
There’s just another tunnel ahead
You seem to like life on the rail
I love you so
I’ll walk the rails with you

Train bridge




105 in people years

15 x 7 = 105 years old, my Angel dog. She used to run, now we sounder. She still gets so excited when we wander in the tall grass, she smells for bunnies just like she did when she was young. Now we watch them when she sees them. She’s fell once and hurt her knee and be both recovered together from our broken parts. 😊 Such a sweetness when I think about how her sweet feet have wandered. She makes me smile.

Romancing her pain

I heard her cries for help
I listened to her heart
I waited till she was safe
At least or so I thought

Then I realized…

She wasn’t ship wrecked
She had wrecked her own ship
on purpose
Over and over slamming
Into the rocks
Such raged and ravaged her body

It scared me, I became silent
I could scream, I know I should
but silence overtook me
Watching from afar
Did she know she wrecked herself?
Does she know she broke her brokeness?
Wide open, writhing in pain
In a stupor of mindlessness

Romancing her pain

She waltzed with her misery
I cast a life line once more
I held myself steady
To help the broken one
I think she likes being broken

Romancing her pain

Just playing

I’ve been playing with filters trying them out on different photos,

This one is supposed to have sparkles ✨ 😂

You could say I have my head in the clouds. Hum interesting. Can you tell I’m a bit restless 😬

If I wore red lipstick this is what it would look like lol 💋

Happy 6 years blogging

I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since I first posted here at WP. I remember my first followers and friends and have continued to have many laughs and so much fun sharing with you. Thank you for your visits and friendship 💜🦋

There is evidence of Spring

Everywhere I look I see petals like rain falling piling up like snow.

Flowering trees

Some I couldn’t figure out what kind of tree they are but I know I need this one in my yard 💕

Today I took a walk to see what I could see and I saw evidence of Spring. 🌸