Happy Friday-Happy Day-Forget-Me-Not

Happy Friday Sweet Friends to You Oh Happy Day to You…Do you feel it? Deep inside your soul? I feel sometimes I’m so Happy and it’s nothing that happened to make me so…I’m just happy all by myself…Forget-Me-Not Sweet Soul I felt you might need some sweetness today ~ღ~


Have you ever felt like you have been pruned by The Master Gardener? All the dead stuff cut away, or perhaps the not so fruity parts of your life pruned and cut away so they can bare more fruit ? Well I have and so has my garden! I was thinking today how sometimes we have to cut away what seems to the eye a good product but pruning allows for newness to grow and everything looks different and feels different because it is. My butterfly bushes are going crazy this year…. Read More

Mom do you like my hair?

Alex came out of the bathroom and asked me if I liked her hair. It’s been so hot I decided not to straighten mine, I looked at her I said, “Hi Skip.” She said, OMG we look like Grammy.” Yep 😂 We were channeling Skip today. 😂😂 I’ve always looked like my Mom which I love. It’s so funny to me that Alex looks like me, like I look like my Mom. Here’s me without sunglasses and my hair curly. I don’t know why I thought that was funny but Alex sure… Read More

And I thought I learned by now

And I thought I learned by now…and I did When I find myself in same familiar circumstances Going round and round on this fair ride And I thought I learned by now…and I did I can’t stop myself from watching and looking I tried not to look, but it’s best for me to see And I thought I learn by now…and I did I don’t know who I was back then Now my heart is older and I know it can break And I thought I learned by now…and I did Looking… Read More

Something for You

I don’t mean beautiful in looks but beautiful inside your heart & soul. I heard you loud and clear and realized there wasn’t anything I could do to help you but to send these quotes I made back in 2013. Feelings are fickle and sometimes we need to sleep and wake up renewed and refreshed. Be proud of yourself and thank your body for getting you this far in the journey. Today was just a day, nothing more nothing less. Just a day. Tomorrow is another day and things always look different… Read More

Color of the sky

People talk about it baby The colors of the sky Are in your eyes I don’t even have to try I tell you… Sometimes stormy Sometimes blue Sometimes green Golden in sadness Holding your dreams All the colors I see Remind me of you Today I see orange Your favorite color I smile

Rules of the rain

Did you know the rain has rules? Well…when you live in Oklahoma you quickly Learn how to spot tornadoes and also Awesome cloud shots sprinkled with rainbows The right side of the rainbow The left side is very faint but it’s there along with the yellow storm sky. I love a storm.

A new mini we see

What a sweet little miniature horse. We spotted him instantly. This has become mine and Alex’s favorite past time going to see the minis….Hope you guys aren’t tired of seeing minis. Because we ❤ Mini Horses This mini is a little bigger than the little black one and a little more brave. She’s so sweet, she’s thinking we should get some minis for the back yard. 😂 Look at this one it literally stood there waiting for me to come pet it. I should have brought baby carrots with me. I noticed this… Read More

My brother Danny’s NWA Guitar EXPO in Rogers, Arkansas

TOMORROW!! TOMORROW!! TOMORROW!! NWA Guitar EXPO in Rogers, Arkansas from 9am to 5pm. 3450 W. Pleasant Grove Rd. Be there!! Get in free if you bring any musical instrument to buy-sell-trade or just show off. $5 entry if you just bring yourself. Rent a table for $75 to display your gear if needed(We have only 2 spaces left) Load in tonight at 8:30 if needed, or you can show up early Saturday Morning to load in. Let us know ASAP on the 2 spaces left! https://www.facebook.com/dannyantell If you are in the market… Read More