My eyes adored you

My eyes adored you! 

Black Roses-I’m not under your spell

Black Roses I love this song it was very inspiring to me! Nashville On The Record – Clare Bowen sings “Black Roses”   Black crows I love them too!    

O’s for Brenda

Brenda tonight I had me some O’s and I cannot eat them without thinking of you! Happy O’s to you! ❤ xoxo

Meet me down by the river

Won’t you Meet me down by the river where the peaceful waters flow It’s been a lifetime not a day and I need to know Do you miss me so Like I miss you when your gone The days turn into hours hours into weeks and months go on I like to think When you think of me you smile that the distance and the miles only pull me closer to your heart I like believin’ in faith that bigger then all of me that you’ll come for me won’t you Meet… Read More

Misty Love

She gets misty when it’s gray Her misty blue eyes don’t cry they sigh a thousand sighs or was it…her lips it’s hard to know which part sighs perhaps her heart sighs Maybe all of her Remembering misty memories… misty love…. holds her as she sighs

Merry Merry You Matter to Me

Merry Merry You Matter to Me

What if

What if when he sees me He likes the way I am? I love that song I posted today! When he sees me by Sara Bareilles. I love to listen to music while I work which keeps me in my creative zone! I’m in my quiet peaceful creative zone today!  

I had this dream so I followed my heart

I had this dream so I followed my heart. It led me to other hearts. I’m thankful for dreams that involve hearts!  ❤

Dreams are a soft place to land

Dreams are a soft place to land May we all dream dreams Believe in the dreams and the dreamers that take your hand and say let’s fly!