✩✩✩ Believe in Magic ✩✩✩

She believes in Magic Not the black kind, but Blue It shines down from heaven on me and you

Time knows

  Time knows The arms that hold What words cannot utter Time knows The chances that are taken When you first become a mother Time knows Time holds with arms of grace Like time holds me now

Time Traveler take me away with you

Time traveler take me away with you. Anywhere but here!  Where life is easy and safe and a soft place to land! 💜

Some days it’s hard to know what to do

Some days it’s hard to know what to do or say so I silently wait, for something I don’t know what about that either. Mostly I don’t have any answers and it’s so hard to talk and follow through some days. Today is that day for me.

That man had wings I know it

That man had wings I know it He flew right by I thought I knew him Old Crow! Looked me right in the eye!

I miss you

I miss you

All things good to you

All things good to you!

Vision without action is DayDream