I never watched a moon set quiet like you

I never watched a moon set quiet like you. Fading slowly out of view. I panicked because I wanted it to last longer than it did. I was talking to a wonderful photographer friend of mine and they said, “Sweet girl don’t you know you saw the setting of the moon?” Something about that moved me deeply because I tried to focus my camera but as hard as I tried, the sweet moon slowly faded out of sight so I kissed the moon goodnight and the sun hello! Sweet Sun and Moon… Read More

Final eclipse photo

Here you can see the blood moon part. I love how the sky looked midnight blue! Did I mention to you that I love the sky? There’s something about my Oklahoma sky that catches my attention and holds it! xoxo

Jan. 31, 2018 Super/Blood/Eclipse Moon

I noticed by the time it was full eclipse it was starting to get light and for some reason my camera faded everything. I tired to adjust it was I’d been standing outside for over an hour taking photos every 10 minutes or so. Angel and I had a great time!

Full moon last night 

I saw this so I decided to shoot the moon. 

Over…Being over the Moon

I used to always try to capture the full moons, till I realized it’s always the same moon. I knew this growing up as a kid but having the tools to look closer I seemed to get lost in the chase…maybe. I used to race home to get my tripod, me and Angel would traipse through the field to get just the right shot. Then one day, I just got over it. I lost the urge to photograph every single full moon. I can’t say why for certain, only that one day… Read More

Moon and you

This moon remind me of you! 

Just a speck of the moon