This Moon

I don’t think I’ll get over the moon
Only because it holds me still
In this timelessness
For relief and yet I still
myself because even
those that think they understand
really don’t
No one can know your sorrow
till you sing the song of it
to the solitary soul that waits
to hear it.
Maybe then I grow from it
a shared camaraderie
words not spoken but to this moon
that holds me still.


32 thoughts on “This Moon

  1. This most influential celestial body holds sway over me as well, I stood in awe gazing upon her as she reflected light from the source if only for a few moments I wanted to absorb some of what she was providing this morning before I prepared for slumber

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    1. Beautifully said my friend. Me too I just gaze in amazement. I was shocked when I saw her on the horizon I knew it was going to be bright. We didn’t get the blood moon part here in Oklahoma but I did get some good shots. Sending hugs to you. I hope all is well. We should catch up sometime 💜🦋

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      1. As soon as I saw that I wasn’t going to see it this time I was deflated and barely had any interest, I did look but being an apogee full moon was just a little more than ordinary


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