After all these year… Words fail me

How can I carve your name On the trunk of this tree? That will be here…after I can’t even write it With no one listening… Not even myself I whisper these words It’s all I can do Sometimes After all these years Look at me here Got this love song stuck in my throat… The weight of the world on my shoulders I can’t let go Words fail me None of this makes sense Except maybe to you I try to share… Words fail me I hate love songs You wonder why… Read More

Where wildflowers go

I asked the moon tonight As it raised up in the sky Where did all my wildflowers go? Then this hay bale caught my eye You see, he said… it is harvest And plenty on this land Grows many beautiful wildflowers I know you understand Each year during harvest We bid a sweet goodbye And in no time it’s for certain They bring food on winter’s night Good bye sweet little wildflowers Good bye dandelions Good bye little memories Good bye with a smile

Lavender skies and pink clouds

Lavender sky and pink clouds, we float like a prayer in dawn’s beautiful gentle grace~ღ~

Before this day dawned

~ღ~ Before this day dawned, I sent out a prayer for you ~ღ~

June 17, 2019 Strawberry Moon

Due to all the storms I struggled to get a decent shot with the clouds I had to focus right on the moon then I lost the clouds. See blow my attempts. My view from the back porch. No stars were present due to the clouds of course. Not sure why this is called a Strawberry Moon, it’s more golden I think.  

Color of the sky

People talk about it baby The colors of the sky Are in your eyes I don’t even have to try I tell you… Sometimes stormy Sometimes blue Sometimes green Golden in sadness Holding your dreams All the colors I see Remind me of you Today I see orange Your favorite color I smile

Rules of the rain

Did you know the rain has rules? Well…when you live in Oklahoma you quickly Learn how to spot tornadoes and also Awesome cloud shots sprinkled with rainbows The right side of the rainbow The left side is very faint but it’s there along with the yellow storm sky. I love a storm.

There, inside the dawn

There, inside the dawn She had all the answers If only she could hold them Wildflowers Sunrise Fog Bliss There, inside the dawn

When the storms have passed

When the storms have passed Though flood waters surround us still We see things in a different light We are ever changed