Stars like rain…Roads like fences

Stars like rain
Roads like fences
makes no sense
Since roads lead
yet these seem to hem
lengthen and strengthen
the distance between
Stars like rain
Road like fences
Maybe it’s me
I think

There is healing in this land

There is healing in this land
In this field, surrounded by trees
In the ponds behind my home
There is healing in this land
Everywhere I go
I stop myself a lot
Taking in all my eyes can see
My body breaths the breath of angels
Which help me to believe
There is healing in this land

Remember baby girl…

I just said this to my girl as she headed out the door. I love that she came back and asked me why I said that and I told her I felt like she was getting ready to make a big choice and I wanted her to know, SHE’S GOT THIS!

Guess I should listen to my own advice. 😉

I’m on my own yellow brick road

I’m on my own yellow brick road
Not looking for someone to set me free
Not looking for truths to be revealed
I’ve got a mind and heart and brains of my own
I’m just walking and wondering when I will get it
Looking to the moon and God to make my way clear
I can make jobs, houses and material stuff
I truly want the things I can’t manifest for myself
I’m not sure how to say that with a poetic note
I’m okay with that, I’m looking at the moon and wondering a lot

Blue skies are Okay

I know a lot of people that question the blues
They look it up and down and all the way through
They chase it till it stops and allows itself caught
Only to realize…it’s okay to be blue
Blue is beautiful and sometimes it resemble how we feel inside
I love all colors and am happy when they show up
and catch my attention like this sky ღ

Happy Sunday to You

I was going to sleep in today till I saw this. I have noticed with the time change I am missing the sunrises out my back door. Have a wonderful Sunday.