Early mornings

I’ve always been a morning person. I love to get up early before the sun even thinks about rising and wait for it. It’s very cold here now, but still I go out to peek. This morning I left as the sun was rising so I decided to stop several times and be thankful I get to see another sunrise. I really love them! My drive is along Route 66. I love that highway! I stopped to watch as the cloud looked to me that they were stopping in lines to take… Read More

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday 🧡

Happy Monday sunrise 

Happy Monday! Tangerine skies! 

Good morning sun

I noticed this morning the sun has moved in position, on my horizon. Autumn my favorite season, is saying hello this morning. The air is crisp and cool. So thankful 🙏🏼

Good Morning  

Happy Friday 💛

Tangerine Oklahoma sky

In between the storms the dawn breaks new with tangerine memories.

Romantic sunrise

Heather dawn


My stormy Oklahoma sunrise