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I wanted to share why Jeanne Marie wanted to start a Thinking Pink blog and what it means. The link above is our about page. It’s not all about the color pink but a mindset of living in the light and always searching for the light inside our hearts. ♡



Sometimes when life is so big i hide in pink~✿~

Sometimes when life is so big i hide in pink! This is where I go when I am a little undone overdone needing rest for my mind! thinkingpinkx2 is my refuge from my thoughts and sometimes those that make my brain full! ❤



Sometimes when life is so big i hide inpink~✿~

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Photos by Jeanne Marie/Art by MichelleMarie~thinkingpinkx2

Jeanne Marie has quite the garden and loves to take photos of her flowers. I think Angels live in her garden I do.