Photos by Jeanne Marie/Art by MichelleMarie~thinkingpinkx2

Jeanne Marie has quite the garden and loves to take photos of her flowers. I think Angels live in her garden I do.



11 thoughts on “Photos by Jeanne Marie/Art by MichelleMarie~thinkingpinkx2

  1. Michelle Marie, this is the best gift ever! I love it when I send you pics of my flowers and you turn them into gorgeous masterpieces. I believe angels do live in my garden and I believe that angels use your willing heart and your creative mind as a playground. We are gonna have a blast in 2015! Love, Pinky


    1. I counted 80 before I got dizzy! Do you know how much creating you do? That’s just a pinch of how much you accomplished this year, creatively. Blogging, writing, taking photos, and working full time in a creative, high stress job. You amaze me! LY


      1. Thank you right back! I drive myself the same way when I am on a project that I love, so I understand that feeling. You undertook an enormous task, not only ours but the awesome posts of yours. Love them too! Thank you so much! XO


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