I forgot to dance

In my haste and hurry

Covered up by worry

You see sir, I forgot to dance

My turn was next 

I felt this awful hex

I was vexed and tied

I see you waiting

But I simply feel like stating

That I need to dance

Shake off this dreadful cloak

You see they thought a joke

But the hoax is on them

You can’t tie me

Bridle me

Harness me

Or cloak me

Because it’s my turn

To dance

I simply must…dance

I’ll be like a whisper in the wind


I’ll be like a whisper in the wind
you’ll think you hear me
but I’m gone
You’ll dream about me
to awaken only to find
I’m not there
I know this about myself
once I have loved you
nobody loves like I do
I know it
I’m ok with never
loving again
I have decided
I’ll be like a whisper in the wind. . .shhhhh!