MichelleMarie (Bling) chose this picture for our joint writing project…so here’s my story.

This is Gigi’s story and I love how powerfully she writes. I also love that we both wrote about horses. We don’t read each others till we are done. I’m always so excited to read hers! I know you will be too!

Rethinking Life

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picture from:  http://wrathofthetitans.warnerbros.com/images

When Robyn was a young girl she watched, as the King’s knights burned her family home to the ground because they had no silver or gold to give them.  They beat her mother and killed her father.  Her young brother was hiding safely under the floor boards in the kitchen and their dog lay dead in the dirt, an arrow through his heart for trying to defend her.

After the men left, Robyn did what she could for her mother and brother.  She buried her father and her dog, then she packed a knapsack and said goodbye.  It was the first day of her new life as an outlaw.

She stayed in the forest for a few days, eating whatever berries and food she could find,  sleeping wherever she felt safe.  She was used to the forest.  She had grown up next to it. She had climbed…

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Great Horse Spirit–Next photo for mine and Bling Gigi’s, writing project

Image not mine used as a writing prompt in a project Gigi and I are doing together!

http://wrathofthetitans.warnerbros.com/images/ Image not mine used as a writing prompt in a project Gigi and I are doing together!

Lori Lei found herself with bow drawn and arrow aimed at the bushes in the distance. She was braced against the tree, heart racing and she shouted “Wait what’s going on here? I’m not a warrior or a princess. How did I get here and why are you all looking at me like I know what I’m doing?”

“Boss you’ve always been boss, we’ve been waiting for this day since we started planning to take our land back.” said this small tiny horse. “I’m Simon.”

“What I must be dreaming, I thought I heard you call me boss but animals can’t talk. I must have really been tired. Last I remember I was waiting, for what I can’t remember as I seem to have forgotten where I was before being here.”

“You realize today is the day they have come to round up all the wild horses and you were going to stop them, right?” Simon said smiling.

“I’m sorry but what am I doing?”

“Look you promised to help us, when you came here you said you wanted to help so now is your chance, the bandits are on their way and they have the herd headed this way, now what’s your plan?”

“Plan I need a plan, oh gosh, I don’t have a plan what if I don’t come up with a plan?”

“Oh it’s okay you don’t need a plan because you are magic and everyone knows it,  and so do all the horses they told me today they were excited to see what you were going to do.”shaking his mane and pawing at the ground. “Now get going before they get here and catch you by surprise, everyone is ready and in their places,” Simon took off running. Without planning Lori Lei found herself charging after him with bow by her side. All at once Simon stopped in the middle of the field and looked up and Lori Lei looked over toward his gaze she saw dust, and the sound of hooves pounding.

Lori Lei shouted, “Here they come,” and all around her and along the surrounding hills came Indian warriors, some on horse and some on foot and they gathered around her.

Lori Lei waited with her bow drawn but as the dust settled all she saw were horses of all colors and sizes but not a sign of the bandits, just horses running, grazing and young horses playing. One of the Indian chiefs stepped forward and said, “There is a story of the Great Indian Horse Sprit, like a ghost,  it is said anyone who does to these horses will disappear. I guess we’ll never know.”