14 thoughts on “As the Weeping Willow Wept

      1. I love that a steamy piece. I’m like you with steamy pieces. BB and I are healing. She has an appt with A geneticist on Nov 4 starting over with another doctor. She’s still blind in her right eye. She broke her foot. The small bone but still you know how it feels just like one more thing. 😄
        Let me know when you post you steamy piece so I can read it. ❤️big big hugs to you xoxo

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      2. I’ve decided to submit the steamy piece to literary journals that won’t take a previously published piece. So I’m not putting it up. I’m happy to email it to you, though, if you want to be a reader. My email address is on my about page if you really want to read it. No pressure. XOXO


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