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One Creative Soul…Finding My Way to You!


I’m One Creative Soul…Finding My Way to You!
I’m full of dreams, full of buzzing dreams
On my knees…offering some semblance of solace
Pray your weary soul…Your soul to keep
All the miles and miles…those restless miles
When we gonna stop this running?
When we gonna break out new?
The sky looks down and says
Girl…What are you doing with this
One little chance to be free?
This one little chance to be YOU!
This one little chance to be alive?
I’m gonna be my gypsy wandering soul
Centered here in my heart
One Creative Soul…
Finding my way
To You!

Come find me…


via Lift your life and let it shine — in sacred Presence

Lift your life and let it shine — in sacred Presence-from Leon’s blog

Mel Robbins TEDx

At this point in my life I found it interesting that she was in my history and I had watched this almost to the end but I didn’t remember watching it. Now I know why. For me I’ve spent the last 17+ years switched on auto pilot everyday and highly functioning. Now that I’m out here in the abyss of joblessness I’m definitely in my, uncomfortable zone. I’m no longer on autopilot though, part of me misses cruising through life. I really want to do the next step, which for me has been resting until I’m ready. I haven’t taken a real vacation in so many years I’ve forgotten how many so I’m working on some books and things I really wanted to do but never had the time. I love that I have already listened to this and tonight I listened with different ears. I love it when that happens.

Be Authentically…Uniquely You

Be Authentically…Uniquely You~Anything else is tiring to the soul~MichelleMarie

Merry Christmas early

So, today Alex wanted to decorate for Christmas…I was laughing because I usually don’t like to do this but for her I did it. I dragged out all my snowmen. She bought this little Charlie Brown tree…tomorrow we are going to get lights. Gotta love my girl…I do.

New logo

So what do you think about my new logo? I’ve been thinking I need something to add to my art and photos. 🧡

Sometimes when it rains and fall-ish weather falls

Sometimes when it rains
and Fall-ish weather falls
I see a glimpse of Winter
I welcome it all and
Sometimes when it rains
I fall

art by MichelleMarie

Sometimes there are no words

Sometimes there are no words
Between you and me and this…thing
That keeps us going on and on

art by MichelleMarie

We planned your columns…2 x 3

But we did not plan…Your ruin

Such as life we never plan the thing
that brings about our ruin


We rise again taller and much more strong

and so very wise…I love that part.

art by MichelleMarie

Visit from my little friend

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