What happened…

What happened
to little red riding hoods dignity?
She thought she gave it away
and now she’s lost searching
for someone to give it back.
But truly dignity is something
that abides deeply in the soul.
You can’t give it away,
it’s just that tricky old wolf
that made you think so.
Throw off that cloak of shame,
red was never your color anyway.
You got this one girl.



It’s hard to take
the road ahead
when you’ve never
been this way before
It looks different
even scary, but step by step
With my hand in yours
I can do this…Thank you God

Good morning lovely’s

Look what was waiting for me to say good morning. ☀️ my lilies are smiling at me today. I thought I would share it. 🤩

Perfect goodbye

I was thinking about how the sun is so shiny this time of year, somehow this made me think… if I had to say the perfect goodbye to an adventurous day it might look like this.

Seeds of Opportunities

Pats words of wisdom…so good

Source of Inspiration

There is no such thing as failure,
bad marriages, wrong jobs, nor are
there stupid people, impossible
families, or hopeless situations.

Ha! you say, You do not know my spouse,
family, job!

Yes, I do because I have been in
failed relationships, jobs I hated,
with people who bored me, situations
that drove me to despair.

After years of enduring, I finally
learned that in every person, in every
situation, there lies seeds of opportunities
to learn, to grow, to become.

It is my lack of compassion that makes
me see a person’s negative behavior,
rather than his seed of pure love
energy within, waiting to blossom.

It is I who needs to change my perspective
when I feel frustrated with a situation,
instead of asking, what can I learn here?
What has brought this into my life?
And once I have grasped the seeds of
opportunity, what must I…

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Baby mocking bird

Just outside my bedroom window this little baby is learning to fly. The momma and dad have been keeping watch swooping down at anything that draws near, including me. 😂