105 in people years

15 x 7 = 105 years old, my Angel dog. She used to run, now we sounder. She still gets so excited when we wander in the tall grass, she smells for bunnies just like she did when she was young. Now we watch them when she sees them. She’s fell once and hurt her knee and be both recovered together from our broken parts. ūüėä Such a sweetness when I think about how her sweet feet have wandered. She makes me smile.

Her heart needs a little hope

Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree
I noticed as I looked at each tree surrounding this land, each was moving to the invisible wind. Then something came to me about your heart, you have deferred your hope to another human being, therefore you are heart sick. Some say; put your hope in God; some say put your hope in your high self; or put your hope in the Universe but, I think it’s much much bigger than this. It doesn’t have words and I wanted you to see and feel what saw.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my wildflowers waving at me so I went to see them. My heart was so happy when I saw them because I knew the other wildflowers are close behind…and it made me smile and have a sense of renewed hope for you. I hope you feel it too. Maybe it was my heart that needed a little hope. Probably so.

There is healing in this land

There is healing in this land
In this field, surrounded by trees
In the ponds behind my home
There is healing in this land
Everywhere I go
I stop myself a lot
Taking in all my eyes can see
My body breaths the breath of angels
Which help me to believe
There is healing in this land

Romancing her pain

I heard her cries for help
I listened to her heart
I waited till she was safe
At least or so I thought

Then I realized…

She wasn’t ship wrecked
She had wrecked her own ship
on purpose
Over and over slamming
Into the rocks
Such raged and ravaged her body

It scared me, I became silent
I could scream, I know I should
but silence overtook me
Watching from afar
Did she know she wrecked herself?
Does she know she broke her brokeness?
Wide open, writhing in pain
In a stupor of mindlessness

Romancing her pain

She waltzed with her misery
I cast a life line once more
I held myself steady
To help the broken one
I think she likes being broken

Romancing her pain

She sees magic

She thought by now
They would see the magic
She thought by now
It would be evident
She pays no mind
To those who don’t see
the magic
She keeps being magic
Reinventing herself
Every day…She sees magic
She is magic

After all…it is her life, her story

After all it is her life, her story. ¬†I’ve been playing around with photos and filters and I realized something…¬†It really is her life and her story. Always in the past, it was about our life and now I see this beautiful tapestry of love in this amazing woman. So beautiful when I stopped and looked at these images of Alexanderia. She’s amazing.