Thereā€™s a kind of hush over my back yard this morning…no sunrise…no birds singing just this peaceful calm. Have a gentle day šŸ™šŸ¼


she closed her eyes…

she closed her eyes and spoke in a thousand silent ways
silent ways
silent ways
silent ways



Moonlight butterfly…

She draws moonlight butterflies
In the bokeh of her shine
Lightly as the fawn draws near
She hears the Chippewa call
A lullaby like whispers to her soul
Hush, she waitsĀ softly it flies…
moonlight butterfly

Transparent transformation…

Transparent transformation
paints her soul teal green
translucent invisible…įƒ¦…love…įƒ¦…
of self…įƒ¦…she paints…įƒ¦…

Early mornings

I’ve always been a morning person. I love to get up early before the sun even thinks about rising and wait for it. It’s very cold here now, but still I go out to peek. This morning I left as the sun was rising so I decided to stop several times and be thankful I get to see another sunrise. I really love them!

My drive is along Route 66. I love that highway!

I stopped to watch as the cloud looked to me that they were stopping in lines to take in this beautiful sun. Have a lovely day!