Wildflowers of brown and green

I remember my wildflowers
that bloom in the Spring
Now memories where
Wildflowers of brown and green
wait and time races on
in my waiting field of
Wildflowers of brown and green


SOMETIMES…you have to make your own magic

SOMETIMES…you have to make your own magic…MM

Thank You for Pinking with Us

4 years of sharing our love of thinkingPink! 😀 💕


Thank you for pinking with us. Sometimes life gets so busy and we are away for a time…
Know that we always have pink in our hearts and thank you for sharing the lighter
side of life with us here @ thinkingpinkx2. MM 💕

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I bless you with the Love of God

I bless you with the
Love of God
which I would share
with you for that I would
learn the joyous lesson
that there is no love but
God’s and your’s and mine
and everyone’s
From A Course in Miracles
via Marianne Williamson

I found this prayer so helpful I wanted to share it with you.
Instead of trying to let things go I give them to God and it frees me up to do whatever it is I’m here to do. Amen

Has it been 5 years?

According to WP, I’ve been fortunate to share here with you for the past 5 years. Thank you to all my sweet friends who continue to visit and share. Your presence is the best present to my heart.

Sending my love and huge hugs.