I saw you through baby girl’s eyes

I saw you through baby girl’s eyes
She was laughing and telling me a story
She said, “Dad is so funny, he cracks me up.”
I had to stop and think about that
because you do everything but make me laugh
I had to sit and let that burn it’s way
deep down in the heart I protect from you
past my shield, past the guard, the facade
I wear, to the core of the hurt
That’s where baby girl is
she’s the tenderest part of my heart
I gave it to you, not realizing the risk
One word from baby girl busts past
all my defenses
I love a good word about someone
except about you
I wish I saw you in a loving way
but I don’t because I know
the power of your words
bring me to my knees begging
for relief
I wished you would chase me down
beg me to forgive you
tell me you love me and that
I’m beautiful, something good, something nice
why are you nice to everyone but me?

I saw you through baby girls eyes today
my eyes keep watering