The White Feather of Hope-Inspiration from my Uncle

A man was hunched over a park bench with his head in his hands,
he had reached an end to answers for his life’s impossible demands.
This sobbing man raised his head up and gazed at the overcast clouds,
asking God “how could you let this happen,” he said out loud.

Just then God’s angel gathered up a gentle summer breeze,
and along came a white feather that floated right on this man’s knee.
Suddenly the clouds opened up and the sun shone on his face,
this man was astonished at what had just taken place.

He tucked the feather in his coin pocket of his faded beat up jeans,
and set an open course with new hope and raised self-esteem.
Weeks went by as this man rebuilt his brand-new life,
carrying the hope that was given to him in, and the will to survive.

One day the man returned to his favorite park bench where he always prayed,
this time his prayers were of gratitude, and strength in a loving God that he obeyed.
He took the feather from his coin pocket, to let it go in the gentle wind,
“The White Feather of Hope he said, will come to bless someone else over again.”
Gunnar Timothy

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