Shower me with Love

Art by MichelleMarie
Art by MichelleMarie

Shower me with love
my parched heart does cry
in this supplication
I share my reservation
laid upon your feet
the very foundation
that can annihilate me
you were not gentle
in your intentions
therefore I resend
Shower me with love
from afar
from where you are
thus my heart may peek
and consider

for…it has wings

10 thoughts on “Shower me with Love

    • Thank you, Michelle Marie. I just now received your comment. I don’t know why, but they don’t always come through on time. Frustrating for me. Doing great over here, keeping busy with family and work. Thanks so much for asking! 🙂


  1. most of your pics are simply stunning , michelle…it takes a beautiful spirit to create these visuals. may i shower you with my encomium…! best wishes…raj


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