My bro & I standing on the porch~Pa’s cabin

My bro & I standing on the porch of Pa's cabin!
My bro & I standing on the porch of Pa’s cabin!

Something changed for my bro that day! I have tried to think what happened to him, what he must have thought the day he dug the hole to bury our Pa. Something changed that day in me and something changed in him. Shortly after this photo was taken he left our family. We all heal in different ways. I have since been in contact with him but very limited. I was thinking of him today as I do every day. I hope and pray he has found peace in his heart. He’s only 14 months younger then me so we grew up together close and he always knows me and I love that. It’s the silence that kills me most I think, it always has….when I love someone and they are silent with me I think all manner of things I may have done to cause the silence….then I realize it’s not about me the silence is all about them and their inability to articulate their pain! I know this! When I am in pain I can’t shut up, I have to share till I feel relief. Thinking about my bro today!

Me and D, Hanover Park, IL
Me and D, Hanover Park, IL

5 thoughts on “My bro & I standing on the porch~Pa’s cabin

  1. Och, families. Why do we do it to ourselves? I’m estranged from my brother but he’s a very difficult piece of work, much more badly affected by our childhood than I and without having had therapy. I say worse but actually, I’m not sure that’s true. It’s affected us in different ways and he’s chosen not to get help. I was denied the joy of meeting my nieces and nephew and had to wait until the eldest was on FB. We are now friends there and it’s heaven, especially as I don’t have children of my own. She’s coming over to Crete next year and I can’t wait. She has little to do with her father and I can’t blame her. Ooh, I didn’t mean to write my family history here. See what you’ve done? It’s all your fault for being honest about your brother! xxx


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