my answer

Someone asked me why I have made the decisions I have and at the time I did not have an answer. Now I have one it is this…

Everything is more complicated then you think and sometimes the only way to know that is through experience. It is so easy to say what we would have done, but really how can one know unless they walk a mile in that person’s shoes and live their exact life?

This is my answer, yes I believe it is. I have been searching for this. My search for  words and this discovery, does neither absolve me of guilt, nor negate their validity, it simply makes me free to be me.

I really needed you to know this and I don’t need an excuse to be me and most of all I needed to know this for myself.

9 thoughts on “my answer

  1. Good one sweetie…In my world there is no time for “harry hindsights” you make a decision at the time based on the information you have at hand. Do that well and you usually get a chance to “play” again… Second guessing later is just a wasted exercise, in my book at least! 😉

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      1. Well that would be sad, but personally, I simply don’t concern myself with people like that, I feel it is wasted energy…You can do much more with your time than worry about those who may not be worth worrying about!

        But above all else, don’t make excuses for who you are, we are all part of the mosaic of life, surely?

        Crikey, did I make sense (could be a first for me!)?


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