I’m no Angel


I surprised you with my response
Did you expect an Angel in your midst?
I can promise you I’m no Angel
I say things I shouldn’t
Do things I shouldn’t
Show up the opposite of your expectations
But then isn’t that sometimes the problem
Perfection is always expected when one
one is dubbed an Angel
I’m on Angel
please make no mistake there!

10 thoughts on “I’m no Angel

    1. Thanks dear friend for the blessings.! Luv you pic. ..you are so pretty. Thanks for putting your beautiful pic on your blog. Lovely mom and daughter.
      Lots of luv


      1. My pleasure dear…so happy that my words worked for u. Thanks for your love. We both are doing fine…..my daughter holidays yet not started. Next week celebrations begins.
        Have a wonderful Christmas to you and your lovely daughter.
        Lots of luv


      2. Thanks dear…often I write my poems in hindi language. Very few poems and article I write in English. Hope you like whatever I shared on my blogs.
        Take care
        Thanks for taking time to visit my blogs.


      3. Yes I miss Brother Ajay too… whenever I read his comments on my posts as well as on fellow bloggers posts. More often I visit his blog …..he will always resides in our hearts.
        Stay blessed

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You are okay in your skin the more time you spend your Beloved. (I’m learning this, too you know.) Jesus loved us first, so we see what true love is, instead of searching everywhere before Him. He loves you so much and I know it’s tough to believe, but He is always waiting to show. Just be still and He’ll fight to show you His love for you ❤


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