Skull Art – Blame Laura Macky For This!

Hey Bling check out Rajiv’s skull art! I love this!

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Skull Art Skull Art

I was talking with Laura Macky on the comment section of the blog about Topaz Glow, and she mentioned Tangled FX.

So, while I was in the taxi last night (past midnight) from the airport to home, I downloaded Tangled FX on to my IPad, and decided to have some fun.

The one thing about using these filters, is that you have to choose your image carefully, else it can become a tangled mess.

The original was some street art in the Saket Mall in Delhi. I hope the artist does not mind.

I edited it on Tangled FX, and further on Lightroom Mobile. All editing was done on the IPad.

Maybe, I deserve a new one!

I have not put these pictures into the “Colour Photos” page, but onto the “Digital Fun” page. I classify this as my attempt at digital art, something I am contemplating building…

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3 thoughts on “Skull Art – Blame Laura Macky For This!

      1. It’s just after three in the afternoon here 🙂 going to an Xmas party shortly. Very hot here! We get summer Xmas 🙂 I actually went to a Taco Bell in Little Rock once some years ago. It was a stop off on a journey across the States 🙂 I kinda liked the drive through the hills down into LR at night. It reminded me of home at the time.

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