Your Love Inspires Me~Love Me Love You

You may notice a recurring theme in all my art, I hope that it is love.
I think we all love the idea of love and I tend to get carried away…
why shouldn’t I? Life is always so serious and I think for just a little
while I get lost with You, dreaming and that is just how it is
thank you for your inspiration!

7 thoughts on “Your Love Inspires Me~Love Me Love You

    1. Michelle..thank you! all, that you tell me about your life and what do you do, is very lovely..for example, that your Gpa was a boxer…that is cool..they were real boxers..tough guys!!and also tough times.-


      1. Sad..oh!! really sad..sometimes life is hard and too many things happens in our lives for some! believe me, Michelle..the story about your Gpa..made cry my heart…not fake words…believe me..please..God bless you.


      2. Michelle….thank you! please..take care of very amazing…the great miracle of the life being connect with another souls…thinking, feeling and loving the same things of the universe..You are amazing..thank you..see you, soon


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