Baby I always got one more time for you
Tell St. Peter, to hold those pearly gates
Tell all the angels, I won’t be visiting
I won’t go without knowing
That I’ve done all I can
Lifted you  …till you are sayin’
Maybe I should be listening
To the
Whispers & that …Still…Small…Voice

13 thoughts on “Still…Small…Voice

  1. My prayers for you and your daughter. It’s hard to know what to say. Timothy did a lovely piece, and in his way, he knew how to say it. My heart is with you and your daughter and the still.. small … voice!

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    1. AWE thank you my friend. I think we need that for sure. Becoming silent is key for me. Also I was thinking today how I always sought my quiet place till I realized today I am that quiet place! I think we all are we just don’t know it till it’s times like this in our lives! Much love to you! xoxo

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    1. Thank you it is sad. She’s been so sick and in the ICU just last week. I think she just wants to live a normal life so she waits till she feels a little okay and then goes with her friends and has setbacks. She was sleeping today and I love to know she’s sleeping and healing. You wouldn’t think living would take so much out of us. I think we are secretly strong and don’t know it till we need it! Thank you for asking and remembering her. 🙂 Sending hugs to you my friend! 🙂

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      1. I’m so sorry for both of you. I know how Alex feels wanting be be normal. I’ve experienced that much of my life. It takes a long time to figure out which aspects of normality won’t set you back so much. I pray Alex can find a balance along the way to complete healing. I pray that you an find a little peace.


      2. AWE thank you Tim. I pray for this too for her. It’s hard to watch her try to be normal or whatever that means and then she’s sick again. I was thinking today how planned she was, we even did genetic testing just to make sure she wouldn’t be sick and the doctor said a 1% she might and it turns out that she’s the 1%. So crazy! Thank you for your prayers! 🙂 I appreciate you!

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