The Cage

I love it when you see someone you have not seen in along time and they surprise you such as this sweet friend! Please visit and see his wonderful sharing on healing, that has taken place in his heart! I love witnessing healing and wholeness! please direct all likes and comments to :

Blood 'N' Shadow Writings

This one is about personal healing. It’s sad to see people with their hearts being closed to everyone and everything.


The Cage

How’s the crafter to mold your heart
If every time he tries you bolt shock him?
How is he to glue the pieces that were torn apart
If you like yourself now better being broken?

And everything that figures a shadow looks like a stain
And anything that gravitates toward you feels invasive
And the innocence that you once had in you, now’s a hostage
You’ve forgotten all about the love and you rely only on the rage.

How are the healing powers to restore you…
If you won’t even allow time forget about the scars on your skin?
How are you to move forward to a place you feel safe…
When you keep yourself trapped in this eternal cage, forever hurting?

And every aiding hand looks like…

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