TAKE A RIDE IN HIS MERRY-TURN-AROUND~Inspiration from my Uncle

HisMerryTurnRound copy
Join with me to this wonderful faith I have found,
Take a ride in His Merry-Turn-Around.
If you find your life sinking into darkness and disgrace,
He will take you to His light, hope, His strength in a new place.

No longer will you be burdened by life’s sudden windfalls,
His Turn-Around shows faith and strength, through the thick of it all.
Have no worries in all the things that you can’t control or change,
On His ride you will see miracles in today, and solutions to your pain.

Sometimes our lives fall backwards, sometimes we just drift to a dead end,
We require experience, strength, and hope to put it back together again.
And if we struggle alone, we will never have known, the new miracle that we have found,
So joining with me will lift your burdens you’ll see, take a ride in His Merry-Turn-Around!

Gunnar Timothy

8 thoughts on “TAKE A RIDE IN HIS MERRY-TURN-AROUND~Inspiration from my Uncle

  1. The Carousel Horse reminds me of Wildwood, New Jersey and the time the Life Guard told me about all his job at the beach while I got to sit up there on the Life Guard Stand for a little while one Saturday Afternoon with mom nearby.


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