A better place~Glen Campbell

I started blogging because of the lose of my Pa, and the Alzheimer’s, being his caregiver in the end watching his lose who he was and ultimately who I was. I remember in the early stages I was telling him about how I felt and I saw the blank look on his face…I misunderstood it as apathy but it wasn’t, when someone has Alzheimer’s they forget how people feel, they forget how they feel, they forget the human connection and simply react to the feeling of always wanting to go home. I’m thankful my Pa considered me home. I am sometimes afraid to look at his death, because it is painful, but it’s a good kind of pain, the kind of pain that brings healing.

I am so touched by Glen Campbell’s story cause my Pa felt much like this!

6 thoughts on “A better place~Glen Campbell

  1. That is a cruel illness to the loved ones. Numbing down is a kind of strength, one of the most tenacious kind. You set aside your feelings and do what has to be done, and you endure. Now you are blossoming again, and it’s good to witness.


  2. Thanks for sharing….my Dad is currently in a home with the same situation….the good news is he’s very happy and seems very content. When we visit, he knows we are someone special, but not sure who…My mother passed away from cancer which was drawn out over a number of years…I’m not sure which is worse, but I do know…I had incredible parents who raised 4 incredible kids! I’m blessed in so many ways….hope I have passed on the blessings to my my three incredible daughters…the cycle of life….


  3. A beautiful post. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you. I don’t think there is any higher recognition than to be called “home”. Obviously you were very special to him. Sending you good thoughts to continue your journey of healing.


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