Sunset Bloom

Sweet Friendly Fairy Brenda’s magical poem Sunset Bloom I love it! 😄💕 I know you will too!

Friendly Fairy Tales

Red-Orange Pear leaf with golden leaves in background

Autumn sunset
blooms amber,
glows blood orange,
and lingers
in sky and treetop.
Wild dogwood berries
mix with acorns
and crabapples.
They snap underfoot
and perfume the air.
Everywhere color
fades to darkness.
No! Linger longer,
color wake and sky glow,
cast this fairy spell,
make sunset lengthen
until dark night
is the longest
of the year.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Winter’s coming, but we’ve had a long, delicious fall with a universe of color. I meant this post for this morning, but life intervened, and my kids needed me. Plus, I have a plain old ordinary run of the mill horrible cold. So I’m late posting, but I want to dedicate this post to MM and BB, who’ve had a hard week, but still find time for beauty, magic, love and Oklahoma sunsets. Also, it may be too late, but this is also my…

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5 thoughts on “Sunset Bloom

  1. Hope your plain old ornery cold goes away, Natalie!
    I like scarlet flowers. Thanks for sharing them! Sometimes “lingering longer”is a grat way of taking your time to enjoy and smell the flowers.


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