BB sent me this~Stand By You

She said Momma I know I’m not alone with you! I know you’ll be my eyes to see me through. There’s a verse that says “I’ll walk through hell with you.” And we are and I am and I am not afraid. I told her that this morning. I’ve been waiting for her to rise up! I know a lot of people have been praying for us and I thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I’m always so thankful when she gets bad news and it seems all hope is lost somehow along with my friends standing behind me we rise again. Thank you!

28 thoughts on “BB sent me this~Stand By You

  1. Such a beautiful song and we all have broken wings which need healing and to be loved. With friends like you, Michelle, you give us a lot of warmth and caring. Lovely post! ♡


    1. Oh yes I told you my girl suddenly went blind in her right eye and is losing sight in her left eye 10 weeks ago so this song came iyt of her grief and realizing I’m always standing by her. I would walk through hell with her and yesterday it felt like it. Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I need all my sweet friends. Xoxo ❤️


  2. at times…God makes you go through fire and water….but He will always give you a shoulder to lean on,,,,,,,,your daughter said it…”Momma I know I’m not alone with you! I know you’ll be my eyes to see me through”…in my prayers ….


    1. Oh yes B. I know! No words are needed that’s the most precious part! Did you like the first part? Take my hands! Then the part about me being her eyes….I’m in forever in this love journey. I’m so happy you are here! So happy!


    1. Thank you Erika. She’s losing the sight in her left eye as well and , a lot has happened that we didn’t expect I never prayed like I’m praying now and sticking close to God. Love changes everything I know that. I said the other day I just didn’t plan this far…and my friend said good now you are walking by faith so I’m okay with that and totally am okay! I needed to know she was going to be okay and I have friends who are standing with me and well I’ve never had anyone stand with me I’ve always done it alone it’s the most amazing this! So amazing to me! I don’t have words actually.

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      1. I understand what you mean. It gives so much power, so much strength, is so motivating and keeps you going. I am so glad you have that support and and encouragement, Michelle. You are in my prayers too. I send you the biggest hug and lots of love! 💖💖💖


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