BB & I had a few visitors today


Ezra and my mom came to visit BB today. Ezra stayed behind to play with his new friend Kayden. Let me tell you about my best friend! That’s what BB said when she saw this photo.


Aunt Micki do you think we can push this?


Yes I think they can!


I taught them how to skip rocks.



Aunt Micki did you know that farmers do this… chew on wheat? I do now. I tell you what I found out so many things I didn’t know. Boys are explorers and very daring. I really love that. I needed me some Ezra fun time.




It kinda hard to be serious when fun is happening around you!

39 thoughts on “BB & I had a few visitors today

  1. I made sure I would make time to visit today. As soon as the digests came in, I came straight over.

    I am glad Ezra has a new friend, and it is always good when family turns up, and you can’t beat skipping stones.


    1. Oh yes it made Alex feel so much better! My mom had this plaque with hope made! I’m going to post it! I love skipping stones! I’m a little tired this morning from running all over the place literally! That’s how childhood should be roaming the prairie! 😀

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  2. Ohhhhh how I wish I was there!!! Fun is not the word!!! MM, I have a post that will be published tomorrow that I am dedicating to you and my Mom. I would be honored if you could please view it so that it can inspire you!!! Love, Amy ❤

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    1. Oh wow. You have no idea how badly I am needing something uplifting right now. After everyone leaves I have that dread feeling I was happy it left the last few days. I will defiantly view tomorrow, love to ypu

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