I believe…ArT iS hEaLiNg


I’ve been an artist all my life… there was a time when no art came out of me. I remember how dark, sad, and dull my life had become. When I started sharing from the well-spring within my heart, that is when I found this effervescent spring of new hope and with each expression of my deepest deep of my heart I slowly healed. So even if you think there is no art inside you, I want to share that I KNOW there is art deep down inside you.

Sometimes maybe your parents didn’t encourage that little artist inside you! So I encourage you to do this! Even if you draw stick people or paint a wall… turn on some wonderful music and let your spirit paint something for you! You will be amazed~the wonderful quiet place you will find.

Please let me say this… if there is something on my blog that you like ARTWISE please let me gift it to your soul!

Feel free to use whatever you see coming from this well-spring of my heart! There’s always a new piece bubbling up!

Try it and you’ll see I’m right! Then give yourself a big hug from me! I love you!

23 thoughts on “I believe…ArT iS hEaLiNg

  1. This is beautiful, you are a true and gifted artist Michelle. Encouragement is so important. As a child I got very little particularly in the arts, when I was six or seven we had a lady neighbor, probable 60ish which seem rather old to me at the time, but not now. Each day she would bring out her paints and papers and brushes and have me paint or draw, she praised my work to the high heavens. I will never forget her, I wonder if she know the impact she had on me, making me feel worthy of accomplishing something good. Love your post Michelle, love it!! Hugs.


    1. You are extremely gifted with art and words and a kindness and need to encourage others, esp. young people. Good for you Michelle, you are a good person! I remember when I had a little boy about five living next door, his parents were very caught up in work and were actually recovering addicts working in rehabilitation. He was so lonely and often played well after dark at my house with my son. I once sketched him and it made him feel so good about himself, he beamed and I was so glad I took the time to do that. Through my window I could see they had put the sketch on their refrigerator. I was so glad they made him feel good too. Many hugs and love to you, and wishes for good things!


      1. Holly those are the moments I live for! The little ones that make a huge impact on little lives and big lives. All the rest I let go of! I used to get all caught up in the trivial stuff and the story you share about the little boy is what keeps us going really. I think! That’s why we do what we do. I just know it! I once said if I only touch one little heart I’m good! The rest is bonus! It feels good to share about these things doesn’t it? Reminds you how blessed you are! I’m thankful for you and this moment!

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      2. Oh, it is! It is a forward motion, the feeling we received when someone encourages us, gives us confidence when we didn’t have any, we remember that forever and when we get the opportunity to do that for someone, especially young people, we feel so good and hope it lifts them like it did for us when we received the attention of a generous person who takes the time to care. xx


  2. You are right! One should wake up his sleeping little artist in him. I feel, I myself is an example of that. I could not, because of time! Anyway, thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts!


    1. Oh wow! Yes I think so! I do. I’m a big believe in finger painting and all sorts of messy art with kids. I daughter ended up painting and writing. I have one friend that found out she’s a wonderful photographer…so it’s never too late plus when you have time you can explore! I think! Maybe!

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