12 thoughts on “Roses for You my Dear…for Belinda

  1. Well that touched my heart in every place. Huge hugs and much love MM. This is a beautiful gift to sign on and discover. You make me feel so appreciated and cared for. Thank you for that feeling. xo


    1. OH yay I want you too. I don’t like it when someone I love struggles. I know it’s part of life but my heart wants to do so much for you. I love you have a beautiful day B. ❤ I'm so happy you are smiling and I pray today is kind to you and so is everyone you come in contact with and those that you touch with your heart! ❤ xoxo

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      1. You are B. You are very tough. It touches my heart when I think how you have been through so much and well you know how I feel! Sending all the love the clouds can hold today to you! I pray something good happens for you today! I love you!

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