AND so…like now

AND SO. . .
I am here with you
This moment…I don’t want to take a selfie…
and maybe we create something from this
I trust this place where we
Find ourselves
Like now… I’m trying to be true
And give myself to this moment
I never know where this space will lead
Why you seem to trust when I let go… you hope for it
I always trust in this, a space in where we just
Become ourselves and I hope you feel it too
AND SO. . . and thus I am me…

Good morning coffee

Good morning from Micki’s coffee shop. 😂 My famous Mocha latte with extra whipped because I can. Join me? 😂

You know…It is Only Love…

You know it is only love
I find it really is everything?
When I think I finished or done
Love comes pushing though sends me
Back to this love and then I think
It’s all about Love…isn’t it?
You know it is only love?
Don’t you?
Sometimes I think it’s okay that I know
Maybe one day you will see this too

A Gift for You to Give

I thought you might like to give a card to a friend so I made this for you.
If you right click on your mouse or hold down on the image on your phone,
I’ve made it easy to copy these so you can use them.
My way of saying, “Thank You for Being Here.” Below are some more images for you
to copy and use as a gift from me to you, to whomever you wish to share!




Do you feel sometimes

Do you feel sometimes we are like two parallel hearts in different lands?

I was listening to this song by Kirtana, I said that I would sing. Got me to thinking about my mission here on earth 💕

Thankfulness…Always thankful you are here

A compilation of my Thankful Art, because my heart is always thankful…Especially during this thankful holiday season.




I’ve been blogging for over 5 years so I have a collection of art I’ve created over the years.

Thank you for being here! ღ