Oh Deer Tree

Mood board I made with some of the ornaments. 🦌🎄

This year Alex had the idea she wanted a red & black plaid deer tree. We’ve had fun changing everything over to this theme. She ❤️ s country . I love it because it reminds me of my Pa. 🦌🎄

This is an 8’ tree so it’s hard to get it all in the picture. 🎄🦌
Miss Kitty Kat is so happy she thinks we put this tree up for her. She and Penelope take turns playing with the ornaments and pulling the garlands down. 😂🦌🎄
Penelope likes to lay by the tree waiting for Alex to get up
Alex and Penelope porch sitting, enjoying the lights. 🦌🎄

This year is different since our sweet Angel dog passed away. This is the first Christmas in 17 years without her. Making new memories with these two sweet animals is so fun. Penelope likes to porch sit like Angel did. 🦌🎄🐾

Someday we’ll find it…The Rainbow Connection

Art, photos by Michelle Micki Marie

Y’all who know me, know that I’m a star gazer, sunrise lover, rainbow lover, & dreamer. I love this show ”A million little little pieces.” I can’t stop listening to this song. I love when a song shows up unexpected to remind me that I am here to share the sweeter things in life. I plan to keep doing so and focusing here. 🧡🦋