8 thoughts on “Celebrate you Bling Happy Blingtastic Day!

  1. This is so nice — a Blingtastic day, I’m always curious though– who is Bling? And how is Alex? Loving you is easier than anything I’ve ever done before.” Love and hugs, Angie


    1. Oh, thank you Pink Angel Friend. I’m going there now to read her blog.
      I used to wear lots of bling, but now it hurts too much to put it on, so all the pretty trinkets I have made are hanging on the wall gathering dust, unloved and neglected. I had fun making them, but at the end didn’t have enough strength in my hands to close the fasteners on the clasps any more so I gave my beads, findings and tools to a charity here in town where abused women go when they finally leave the abuser man, so they would have something to do while they are getting their lives back in order. Much better than having it clutter my apartment, and it also gives me room to clutter it now with the floral things I’m arranging in my flea market buckets, vases and bowls.
      I have thought about the preemie hats for some time now, because my baby sis works/worked in the neonatal section of a hospital in CO at one time. Not sure where she is positioned now because she has moved into management, but we were talking about some preemie caps I have a pattern for, and she asked me if I would make some and send them to her. I tried, ended up with a pointy kind of something that didn’t much resemble a hat, but I did promise myself I would try again until I get it right. This might be the time to try until I can finally make one. My hands are seizing on me now, since the paralysis, so I’m not hooking much right now. Just now able to type again actually. It’s only been 9 days since I woke up and could move again actually, so I’m just being happy each day that I can do anything at all right now. I guess that’s why I started blogging again. I still have a few things to say. Hugs, much love, and loads of prayers for you and Alex Pink Angel friend.


      1. OH I love this note! I think that they have patterns on their blog for them! I looked at it once but then I never tried them. I thought of you instantly when I saw this! I hope that you are feeling better! I’m just resting this weekend thank goodness! Alex slept all day! Yay for sleeping all day! That’s okay I think! hugs and love and prayers to you! I’ll call you soon! Love you Angel friend! ❤

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      2. They do have patterns — easy patterns. I printed several out so I can make some. they are so cute I might make one for myself while I’m at it.
        I’m back to running around all day, chasing my tail, trying to do it all before I can’t do anything at all. I’ve advanced to secondary progressive MS, so that’s getting into the serious stuff. Have to have fun now while I can before I lose the ability to enjoy it all. Girding myself now for a royal battle with #1 son today when he visits. Right now I’m yawning, so time to crawl back into nest. Getting up for a bathroom run keeps me up for a few hours lately. Love you more Pink Angel friend.


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