Sometimes it feel like it’s raining You

Sometimes I feel like it’s raining You all over Me

Orange Daisy Love

Orange Daisy Love

Something fuzzy

Something fuzzy

Star gazer up close

I do love my stargazers!

power of love

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Gotta love it when you see beautiful roses in the winter. Paul’s blog is full of them! Paul Militaru View original post

it’s all good

it’s all good~my coffee mug says so today so i’m going with it~it’s all good

Twinkles @ sunrise Happy Friday

   I’m not sure if you can see the twinkles in the grass!!! I could not stop looking at them. Following that thought brings a smile!  😄 Happy Friday! 

Enjoying the chilly dawn w/ Angel

   That black ball is her.     Angel loves to look for bunnies. I love to watch her the funny part is the bunnies are on the side of my house in the garden. She smells for them and misses them completely. They run away and the chase is on! She makes my laugh! 😄😄

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful

   Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful