Posting Error

I made a huge Faux Pas and posted from my drafts today 😛

So sorry I filled up your email and readers with junk! 😛 I use the bulk edit feature and clicked the wrong thing. Serious blonde moment and I own it.

MIchelleMarie ME

I don’t like it when I do stupid things. I meant to delete them all. Scared me when someone commented on one of them so again I apologize. So humbling and embarrassing but I’d rather fess up then pretend it didn’t happen!

65 thoughts on “Posting Error

      1. Ooooh – And – you’ll be seeing a lot of those this time of the year too!


    1. This picture of me was me facing my own camera. I know how to take photos and used to hire photographers for my magazine but sitting for them I never could. So this was me and my tripod facing myself and well I had a sick day today and I actually was so sick from the week with my girl. I’m sharing too much here and I’ll delete in the morning so I hope you get it so you know a little more about me.


    1. Oh wait till you see I was trying to figure out how to unhide all my Belinda posts. I ended up posting everything in my pantry and the soup! LOL that makes me laugh! 😀 Happy weekend to you my friend! I’ve missed you!

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      1. Yes! I linked them to B’s post. She has her own tag.
        I do that so I can find them. LOL She said oh she has ideas for writing so I love that. I want her to be okay! We sure love our sweet friends Syl! I consider you one of mine! 😀

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      2. That’s nice, M! The tag team is back in action, so that’s wonderful! Yes, there are some sweet souls here and I appreciate you and your kind words..:)


  1. I love it! I’m not blonde and do things like this. Sure hope they are still here, cause I want to find it all. I love junk, especially your kind of “junk”. Love you Pink/Purple Angel friend.


    1. AWE kindred spirit lol I love that! Well I deleted them quickly! My junk was just my old thoughts and feelings, I don’t really have much use for all that old stuff but there was a time I could really write some good broken hearted ❤ stuff. I love you Angel friend!


      1. Once upon a time in days of yore and all that nonsense, I was poet laureate of my high school, expected to turn out a poem for publication on a subject chosen by someone else — a high class assignment sort of thing. I don’t work that way, but In my day I did some good work. I also did some really rotten work, served with tongue in cheek, that sailed over the heads of nearly everyone who glanced at it. You gotta love the ’60’s Pink/Purple Angel friend, because no matter what I wrote, someone was looking for the hidden “meaning” they were sure was there. Usually the only thing there was some already forgotten, poorly written words I managed to pound out just before dropping into an exhausted sleep. Meaning? “someone left the cake out in the rain”, very famous song of that era that I still can’t figure out, but it had to mean something, right? It was covered by every major singer in the world, and several wannabees who should have packed up their tents and headed for home without stopping for an umbrella. I added that drivel because all of a sudden I can’t remember any names, even though a whole parade of people are marching before my eyes, all singing “MacArthur Park——” (another brain fart and the words are gone again. Thinking of you and Alex. Love you both.


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