Yes there is pain but…


A sweet friend said yesterday they missed my art and my presence here on WP. After all that is going on with BB and still continues to be one trail after another…this pain in my back is unbelievable. Who knew a broken vertebrae could hurt so much? I have been looking for my art, asking myself where it went. I seem to not have all my fluffy stuff and all my happy stuff to offer. So I offer today whatever come out of this pain. It’s hard to watch someone you love suffer and be totally powerless. I’m used to running to rescue BB when she needs me but this stupid back injury keeps me laying down. I never worked so hard at resting in all my life. How silly is that statement?



57 thoughts on “Yes there is pain but…

  1. It is extremely difficult to be still when you are a do-er. As much as I absolutely love seeing you post, I hope you aren’t hurting yourself in doing so. Sending loads of love and hugs and blessings.


  2. Are you feeling better now sweet friend? Stress makes the pain feel worse — something I have learned the very hard way. Guess that’s why I began coloring and it seems to work so far. Just being able to use my hands again on a limited basis makes it all better and brings a smile. I’ll pray that you find something wonderful to bring that sweet smile to your face again, and also that you will find your coping method for all of these trials. And get that orchid Pink/Purple Angel. At times when the pain is at the worst, I can just look at my orchids and feel better all over. Love you loads. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Awe thank you for this. So sorry it’s taken me so long to answer. I’m finding peace in resting. I’m with by girl today and that brings me much peace I’m so thankful for that. I’m happy your hands are working again. This is wonderful news. 💜❤️💗


      • I’m always happy to hear from you, Pink/Purple Angel Friend. Rest is always a good thing, but not always easily attained for some of us. I have to admit I fight it more now, knowing the time is closer for my eternal rest. Just have so much I want to finish here first. A little bit crazy on my part, but that’s just me. Luv U.


      • I know that feeling well. U eat loads of ice cream and color when my hands work, or watch TV movies if they don’t work. The movies make me sleep and that is the best therapy for me. Except when I really want to know how the movie ends, of course. There are some I have watched over and over and have never seen the end. Just like my numerous trips thru Mammoth Cave–I would love to see the Frozen Niagara part, but am always too tired when I get to that area to go down there–too many steps down, and of course each one has to be climbed back up. Hugs and Prayers for you. ❤ (0) ❤

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      • Awe me too. I have played the same show over at least 3 times because I cannot stay awake. Funny how that is. I have been doing a little drawing and mostly I have to work from home so I actually get a lot done. My company has my office phone ringing through my computer so I can video chat or just talk no hands. Kinda neat. Hugs and prayers for you! Much love coming your way! 💜💟❤️

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      • Nothing on last night but some movies I can quote from beginning to end, and a last one that was so boring I couldn’t fall asleep on a bet, so today I’m all charged up. Went to grocery early while it was raining, because the weather people said it would be storming this afternoon. They were wrong though, and the sun is now shining, so I think I’ll take off again for some time out of the building. Just some fresh air and potting soil, and maybe a huge pot for my tree. Then spend the afternoon rearranging the living room window area so the tree will be in the corner and out of the middle of the room. Hopefully that will wear me out enough that I’ll sleep tonight. Hopefully! Loads of love coming toward Oklahoma right now, always coming toward OK. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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