I love it when…You see right through me


I love it when…You see right through me
Just turn around and I’m almost there
Dancing on rainbows without a care
Because you see right through me
Straight to the heart of where You belong
There isn’t a song for this one
But I’ll hum the tune
I hope you’re listening

I love it when…You see right through me


60 thoughts on “I love it when…You see right through me

      • Illustrator is an Adobe program like Photoshop but artist use it to draw and create. I’m happy to know you like my photos and messages and find encouraged. That’s why I blog. Thank you for the wonderful comment. 😀

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      • Thanks for letting me know, Michelle. I am not sure I can draw on a computer, but I kind of want something different and newer than our old Photoshop program now. Keep up your wonderful work, my friend! 🙂


      • I think it is hard to decide which programs to use. I am a Mac person most designer are but also for my PC I use a program called Pixlar. It has a desktop version that has many of the same tools as Photoshop. Plus it’s free I pay for it though so I have more functionality. I like all that stuff. I’m a bit of a techie person and love the challenge of creating on my computer. It was a huge challenge when I first transitioned but I know and believe you can do it too! 😀 Thanks for your kind of encouraging words! Happy Friday to you!


      • Wow, thanks for all of that great information, Michelle! I appreciate it. I will have to look into all of that. We do not have a Mac computer, but I will look into the Pixlar program! Happy Tuesday to you! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. 🙂


  1. The days are short
    When I see through you
    The smiles you court
    By more than a few

    The love you share
    The warmth our cue
    You show you care
    When we see through you


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