21 thoughts on “Hi Hi Hi 

  1. Hi Bling! He said he just on his comment. I’ve been having so much fun with Angel and looking for the bunnies. Now all we do is sit and wait and they come into my our yard. She doesn’t even get up to chase them she just looks at me like….there’s a bunny in our yard. YEP I say say I see the bunny and she watches the bunnies now. I love that! ❤


    1. Hi there you also have bunnies I love that! My dog Angel loves bunnies. We sit on the porch the only place I can sit down and watch them hop into the yard! So much fun to see her just watch them! ❤ I don't miss her chasing them at all. 😀 Hope you are well! ❤


    1. Did you change from your usual Cheeky Mate? LOL That made me laugh! 🙂 Did you like my use of those English words? I’ve been watching BBC a lot! Pretty soon I’ll be joining you and F in my British voice! 😀

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