I always remember…

I always remember no matter what….

This sign is on my desk I always surround myself with positive words. I always remember this and you should too. πŸ’•


29 thoughts on “I always remember…

    • Oh yes! Yes No matter what! So easy to take on things and feelings from others I try not to but sometimes it’s hard. I was thinking about how really 1/2 of what I think is about me really isn’t so I try to remember this! LOL ❀ Reminding myself who I know myself to be and getting rid of more ego.

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        • Oh it does. Maybe before I might have responded or reacted so thankful I didn’t. My girl said to me last night, Mom it’s real in my mind. Oh wow that really stopped me when I realized she believed her thoughts were real. My prayer is that she sees they are not they are simply thoughts. I forget sometimes how real thoughts can be until I felt some of my own. ❀ I was thinking of what Tolle said, "Oh there's that thought again." I always remember him saying that! ❀

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