29 thoughts on “I always remember…

    • Oh yes! Yes No matter what! So easy to take on things and feelings from others I try not to but sometimes it’s hard. I was thinking about how really 1/2 of what I think is about me really isn’t so I try to remember this! LOL ❀ Reminding myself who I know myself to be and getting rid of more ego.

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      • It is a good training to always observe your thoughts about anything and most of all about yourself. After a while it becomes a reflex!πŸ’–


      • Oh it does. Maybe before I might have responded or reacted so thankful I didn’t. My girl said to me last night, Mom it’s real in my mind. Oh wow that really stopped me when I realized she believed her thoughts were real. My prayer is that she sees they are not they are simply thoughts. I forget sometimes how real thoughts can be until I felt some of my own. ❀ I was thinking of what Tolle said, "Oh there's that thought again." I always remember him saying that! ❀

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      • I think it is one of the greatest realizations that our thoughts are only opinions but never a truth and that we can choose the thought and are not obliged to think what we don’t want to think. So when we can change thoughts or even get rid of them they cannot be us. Thoughts provoke feelings. So we should think what provokes the feelings we want to feel!


      • Yes that is very good. I wish I could say that to my daughter so it made sense to her! My prayer is that she will read it somewhere else or hear it from someone else and have an ah-ha moment! LOL The mind is an amazing thing that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

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