All you need is sparkles and bunny shoes

Sweet Trini shared this with my other sweet friend and my heart was looking for another sweet soul and I found one. If you haven’t visited this sweet ones blog please do!

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Yes… we need some sparkles in our lives ❤ And those Minna Parikka`s shoes (famous Finnish shoe designer) ❤ Although I have none of those shoes… maybe one day, hopefully. But these lovely ladies had those trendy bunny shoes, and I was in heaven ❤

We are having a bit of a winter storm here… no need to go outside 😀 I only hope that the storm will stop for the weekend, and maybe some outdoor shots in the snow coming up too 🙂

I have maintain a bit better mood this week, even I had a bit of a crying marathon on Tuesday… My grandma`s condition is getting worse. I knew it was coming but it still hurts. And it really breaks my heart. She will have to move to a nursing home and let`s see what that brings… Of course, it is necessary for her safety and there…

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