12 thoughts on “Wishing your blues away…

    • AWE my heart is so sorry to hear this. I know the lose of a friend is deep. I pray for peace and comfort for you! I had a feeling to visit you today and I’m so very glad I did. I’ll send up extra prayers for your heart when I think of you! Sending you hugs and love my friend! ♡♡♡

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      • Me too me too. I’m praying for you. I mean it when I say that. I’ve always felt some sort of spiritual connection to you. Like a brother from another place but the heart is felt. Maybe if you need some heart help you might visit my friend Laurie. She helps with depression and heart sadness. Here’s a link and also her latest poem wow it fits. https://lauriesnotes.com/2017/03/14/where-we-are-free/

        Where We Are Free
        I will sit

        with you

        in this place —

        for I know

        the heaviness

        in your heart

        as it is also in mine.

        And my arms reach

        wide enough

        to hold us


        I will continue

        to hold us both

        in this place —

        where we are

        free —

        for as long

        as we need.

        Gavin when Laurie first found me she asked me to design a book cover. Little did I know my heart needed her healing touch. I encourage you to visit her. I love when I show up at her space something always fits for my heart. I pray the same for you. Sending you my love and like Laurie said “my arms reach out to hold us both.” Be blessed today my brother friend. 🌼💛💜🦋

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    • AWE thank you! I just love this so much I shared it! My friend Jeanne Marie made me and sent it to me last night! Then I found it again on her blog so it was fun to share! It’s magical feeling to me! ❤ Happy Birthday Yay


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