Finding my self worth again…

thegonegirl007…When I first read this I had to ask her if she was okay. Her answer to me was that it just came out. I think words like this should be share so I am! ā¤

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I used to feel beautiful, unstoppable, like nothing could stand in my way. I felt like I was worth something and meant something to the people that knew me.

I enjoyed making people laugh, bringing the light to someoneā€™s bad day, and just being there to listen to people that needed someone to hear them.

Then you came alongā€¦

You grabbed my entire identity, held it above your head, then grinned as you let it fall and shatter onto the floor in a million pieces.

I dropped to my knees, tried to pick up the pieces, tried to put them back together; you kicked them away with your boot, I looked up at you with pleading eyes, you looked back at me with your ice blue, cold eyes.

We had always had a rocky relationship, always fought, but I never thought you would turn out to be so cruel, heartlessā€¦

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    • I thought so too Paul! She asked if I would share it so I did. Thank you for commenting. I’m going to turn the comments off so they go to her blog! ā¤ thank you sweet man

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