Trying to capture you

I have these 3 very large birds that circle my field starting around dusk. I thought perhaps to capture them in silhouette. I’m still not sure if they are turkey buzzards or eagles. They soar like Eagles and nest in the tall trees in my field. They fascinate me because sometimes when I let Angel dog out in the back yard she seems to attract them. When they get close enough they see she’s well fed. ツ They fly by. ツ

16 thoughts on “Trying to capture you

  1. This is so fabulous. This morning I saw a tiny bird chasing a big black bird and attacking it….I think the little one had a nest in the near by tree and was trying to keep the big bird away from her babies. So amazing!! ❤

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    1. Awe I love that. I think mommas can be fierce when protecting their babies. Black birds can be so pushy too. I love that about the momma bird. Spring time and babies I love this time of year. Hope your week is going well. Love your share about the birds. I spend a lot of time watching them too. Wish I was fast enough to get a photo of them. 😂😂♥️♥️♥️

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      1. Me too. I was trying to video something like that the other day and could get the same affect! Oh well I guess sometimes it’s just for our own eyes when we don’t have something to capture the images! ❤ xxxx

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