Oklahoma tornado season

This is very common where I live. Especially living on a plain. You can see them coming like this! We are expecting storms this afternoon. I would rather see it coming than take cover. I know that sounds crazy but I’ve done this my entire life. I love to watch storms.

20 thoughts on “Oklahoma tornado season

      1. Yes. We came upon one about three weeks ago at night scary stuff. We had hail bad last night at home according to my mom. Happened before midnight and at 3 this afternoon still was hail in piles


  1. i thougth the season with the tornados is over? Las week i saw a documentation about history of oil drilling. People using wooden drilling towers inside a tornado. Think digging for gold in Klondyke was the better job these days in the past. 😉

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    1. NO tornado season can go on all summer and even into the fall sometimes! WE live in the middle of the US so that hot and cold air meetings happen right here! Today the storms are sporadic then sun comes out then more! 🙂 I know about those wooden towers. We now use steel as you know! Yes there was a great gold and land rush in the US as well! 🙂 I love that you are reading about all this! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Michael! 🙂

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