10 thoughts on “MAYBE Before we start mending…

  1. I love it! It almost makes me want to grab a needle and thread and try to mend some stuff that way, but I think from now on I’ll just try it your way. I’m sure getting tired lately, but there’s still something I have to finish, I suppose. It would make life easier if I could see with both eyes, but I’ve always been great at adjusting to whatever life throws at me. I’m thinking about trying a pirate’s eye patch so I won’t have to keep shutting my right eye while I read! Whatcha think? ❤ ❤ ❤ } 🙂


    1. Eye eye captain I think that’s a great idea. I do think it would be frustrating when you read. I have my right eye is the same way sometimes I have to close it to read with my left. Usually when I’ve had a long day. 😘😌😂♥️❤️💛💕💖💝💓💘

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      1. I’m still looking for an appropriately themed eye patch. It becomes so tiring when I have to hold that eye shut manually. I don’t even need a long day, just a couple of minutes, lol. Life sure gets complicated at times, and with all of the better days I’ve had, it just might be longer than I thought originally. I’m sure getting tired of all this.


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