13 thoughts on “I think he’s Romantic…

  1. I love it, MM. I’m wondering about the identity also, and wondering where I can find someone romantic. Preferably with some hair on top of his head rather than on his face, lol. Maybe his own teeth, a good income and a car that doesn’t spit out oil as it moves out at 160 mph. I think I’m missing the good ole days when I was drag raced anyone dumb enough to challenge me. Love you, Pink Lady Friend.<3


    1. 😀 You made me smile. I love that a lot the thought of you doing that! I was just thinking about you today! I so so so happy to see you! I’ve not been online as much due to Alex she’s been in and out the hospital 5 times this last month. She was losing some of the sight in her left eye now. She was treated for a flare-up and seems now to be coming out of it so that’s good news. I always remind her about you and how you handle this all like a champ and never let it stop you and keep laughing the whole way! I love you too my Angel friend! ❤

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      1. I’m so glad I can still make you smile. We all need more of those when trouble strikes too close to home. I haven’t been online much either, esp. since I deleted my blog. I am so sorry about Alex. My right eye is sorta coming and going as far as vision goes, but that’s okay. Much easier to explain why I, um, nudge people at times with my chair. Funny how it picks out only the irritating folks to plow into. That chair acts like it wants to do some dragging, but it just doesn’t have the oomph needed for the way I like it. I have a one week old great-granddaughter now, or did I mention that before? Victoria Lynn weighed in at 6 lbs, 4 oz a week ago Thursday, all prim and proper I think. I won’t see much of her because they live in Cincinnati and that is a little bit farther than my chair will travel in a day or five, but the photos are okay. Wish I could put one on here so you can see her — hey, just realized I’m talking like a very proud grandma here!
        Seriously, give Alex my best and tell her I pray for her daily, and think about you both all the time. Love you both sweet friend. ❤ ❤


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